Andy is a unique guitar player and musician.

Andy is a guitarist, music writer and teacher who performs a diverse range of music at concerts and functions throughout the UK. He has just released his fifth solo cd called 'Not one but another'.

He regularly writes and arranges music for himself his bands or for commissions. Andy also teaches a wide range of guitar styles and specializes in classical and finger picking.

At gigs Andy plays a selection of original songs and tunes with pieces from around the world, including African and Eastern European musics.

At weddings, special occasions and functions Andy plays classical guitar, 30s jazz and world music providing beautiful music to enhance events.

Andy teaches guitar to beginners to advanced levels, in groups or individually. He specializes in classical, fingerpicking and folk & rock styles of guitar.

Andy is also in the bands Moxy Garbarbanzo playing Eastern European and original songs and tunes, and the jazz trio, Eastern Straynotes.


Have a listen here to sample recordings on soundcloud.


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Andy's most recent CD

Cover Artwork - Not one but another by Andy Kirkham

Not one but another by Andy Kirkham