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Cover Artwork - Not one but another by Andy Kirkham

Not one but another by Andy Kirkham

Andy's most recent CD, 'Not on but another', is a collection of personal and heart warming songs and tunes accompanied by beautiful folk and African style guitar playing. It contains such songs as, 'Little shoes', written for his daughter and 'Travelling song' about returning home to East Anglia from festivals. There is also 'Sundown' a song inspired by Maggie Thatcher's funeral and an instrumental piece taking inspiration from a set of hills in Cumbria called 'Cat bells'.

Along with these are such as the evocative Lammah Badah, a Middle Eastern tune where Andy is accompanied by Jesse Barrett on percussion and Alex Patterson on fiddle, and later a traditional West African tune called 'Jarabi', meaning 'Passion' transcribed from Kora music.

Andy freely employs a whole range of open tunings on both nylon and steel strung guitars and explores percussive techniques. His playing is often fluid and hypnotic bringing out the resonance and beauty of the guitar.

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Cover Artwork - Shards by Andy Kirkham

Shards by Andy Kirkham

'Shards' is Andy's most recent release (November 2010) and contains original tunes and arrangements from Eastern Europe mixed with pieces by Malian guitarist Ali Farka-Toure, Tanzanian niatiti player Iyab Ogada and American guitarist Tim Sparks. Lovingly recorded over a two year period this recording shows Andy exploring the possibilities of resonant guitar playing. Letting the string melodies overlap much in the manner of a harp or African Kora. This is one of Andy’s favourite cds containing some outstanding and uplifting performances.

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Cover Artwork - Footprints by Andy Kirkham

Footprints by Andy Kirkham

'Footprints' (2005) contains original tunes and arrangements with pieces by Martin Simpson, Tim Sparks, Yan Tierson, and Jean Bosco from Zaire. This CD has a strong world music theme running through it, and is truly eclectic. Whether playing a lively dance from Zaire or melancholy melody from France, this CD contains some sublime performances of beautiful tunes.

Cover Artwork - Classical by Andy Kirkham

Classical guitar (2001)

This beautiful collection of classical tunes has always been popular and contains some outstanding performances notable for their gentle beauty. With pieces by Latin American composers Antonio Lauro, Villa Lobos, Piazzola and Leo Brouwer , French music by Satie and Spanish music by Tarrega this cd is a delight.

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Cover Artwork - Unsui by Andy Kirkham

Unsui (1999)

Andy's first cd contains original tunes and arrangements by Andy with others by Bert Jansch, John Renbourne, Ali Farka-Toure, Toumani Daibate, and John Martyn. This cd has a strong folk base with gentle and flowing feel.